Tyohaar, our festive winter collection rejoices the nuances of Indian festivals. The mood, emotion, ritual, colours and celebration sprawls through this repertoire.

In India, every festival calls for the entire family and friends to get together to celebrate togetherness, food, culture and dance to the newness of today. We see smiles being exchanged between three generations, rituals being practiced and embraced by the newer generation that endeavours to have their feet grounded with their dreams wanting to move ahead and the mothers and aunts donning rich textiles of India and their precious picks of heirloom jewellery.

The soul of our collection strongly embodies hand embroidery that revives indigenous techniques passed down by generations. Every piece features the grandiose of festivities and a dynastic play of colours. With shades of pink, deep blue, ivory and orange, tinge of gold is added to reinterpret the royal card. Flared lehengas, anarkalis, sarees, well constructed blouses and kurtas showcase an interesting rendezvous between architecture and exceptional artistry. Different aspects of craftsmanship, embroidery and Indian luxury pave a way with this collection.

Tyohaar, is a feeling that comforts the mind while freeing it to celebrate the renewed joys of yesterday while dancing in love, today with a smile for tomorrow.