Mangalya AW '23

"मङ्गल्येन मङ्गलं यजेत्" - "Invoke auspiciousness with auspiciousness," Mangalya is an invitation to invoke the blessings of tradition in your life.

Introducing Mangalya: Where Tradition Embraces Your Heart

In the heart of India's vibrant and diverse culture, festivals are more than mere celebrations; they're a testament to the richness of our heritage. These festive moments carry a deeper significance, binding us together with the threads of tradition, spirituality, and the promise of auspicious beginnings.

Mangalya, our latest collection, is a heartfelt tribute to these moments of joy and togetherness. It embodies the essence of our cultural festivities, encapsulating the auspiciousness and vibrancy that run deep in our roots.

This collection is a dedication to the timeless elegance of the six-yard wonder that weaves our stories of togetherness. We've carefully curated it with new textiles like linen banarasi, georgette, jod embroidery sarees, and crepe silk, bridging the old and the new.

The color palette, inspired by deep, enchanting hues such as navy blue, maroon, bottle green, and deep purple, captures the very essence of the season, reminiscent of the sacred and the profound. Our sarees are adorned with intricate patchwork, zardozi embellishments, and silk brocade blouses, adding an extra layer of grace and sophistication, much like the richness of our cultural tapestry.

As the festive season dawns, we invite you to experience more than just clothing; we invite you to embrace the emotions and memories that come alive during these special moments. Just as our Sanskrit quote suggests, let the auspiciousness of Mangalya multiply your celebrations, making your traditions richer, your heart fuller, and your life more beautiful. Explore this collection and let your heart resonate with the splendor of Indian festivities.

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