It is the force on which life operates. The Chinese call it ‘chi’ and other cultures understand it as spirit. Our ancestors believed energy was ever circulating and ever in balance within the universe and within each of us.

Our Autumn – Winter collection 2019 draws inspiration from the practice of Pranayama or an understanding of prana, the perennial flow of life force. Our garments are made such that studio waste comes to its resting place at the origin, breathing life into new pieces. They are made by hands in studied precision, absorbed in the meditative joy of the magic surging through their craft. Our designs come alive as effortlessly chic garments bursting with youthful vitality and gliding with grace.

Close your eyes and inhale. Your garment is bespoke and made to measure because body positivity is mandatory when your soul has no measure. Open your eyes and exhale. The natural fabric of this garment will sustain and carry you through an evening of festivities.

Close your eyes and inhale. Each garment capers with luxurious, intricately embellished hardwork, some of which come from repurposed studio textile. It will last a lifetime turning into an heirloom received by generations to come yet another circle of life. This winter, as nature withdraws into herself, explore the practice of Pranayama and retreat into festive garments that breathe life.