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Handcrafted Cotton Sarees

Jataka Fables for Cotton Handloom Sarees

Once upon a time, a wandering minstrel came across an oasis. Moving forward to quench her thirst, she approached the oasis to find the rippling waters to be a beautiful cotton weave on a loom. Its subtle form whispered like a cool breeze. She wrapped herself in its gentle embrace and found succor.

Moral of the story: Beautiful art feeds the mind, heart and soul.

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Handcrafted Cotton Sarees

Jataka Fables for Cotton Handloom Sarees

Once upon a time, a wandering minstrel came across an oasis. Moving forward to quench her thirst, she approached the oasis to find the rippling waters to be a beautiful cotton weave on a loom. Its subtle form whispered like a cool breeze. She wrapped herself in its gentle embrace and found succor.

Moral of the story: Beautiful art feeds the mind, heart and soul.

Buy Cotton Saree Online

Cotton sarees have been a wardrobe staple in India and are as much a heirloom favorite as silk sarees. So many of us have cotton sarees passed down to us by our mothers and grandmothers. At Priyanka Raajiv, we value this resilient textile as a repository of culture and community in its multiple art forms, regional weaves, and avatars. We offer upcycling of beautiful cotton sarees but also design cotton sarees for women. Buying cotton sarees from us means you extend your support to weavers and farmers across the nation. When you buy pure cotton sarees online, you step into the annals of history, the country's fight for freedom and savor the midnight hour when independence was found. The fabric of cotton weaves itself into a myriad beautiful cotton sarees whose stories extend into India's history.

The styles of weaving cotton sarees vary across the breadth of the country making each cotton saree unique and a representation of unity in diversity. You can buy beautiful cotton sarees that range from cotton sarees to organic cotton sarees to cotton silk sarees online. Handwoven cotton sarees are woven by hand on a loom featuring weaving techniques as ancient as time and through generational wisdom. Organic cotton sarees are spun from hardy and resilient organic cotton grown without chemical fertilizers, contributing towards the health of the planet. Whatever your choice, when you buy cotton sarees online from us, you buy the most pure cotton sarees online.

Handcrafted Cotton Sarees

cotton sarees are characterized by traditional weaving practices passed down as family secrets by weaving families from generation to generation. These beautiful cotton sarees are an art-form in their own right and feature tradition, innovation and magnificence in weaving techniques. Handmade cotton sarees are woven by hand on a loom, making them not just garments but wearable art. Skilled weavers thread each yarn with dedication and because each handloom cotton saree is handmade, each piece is unique making no two ever alike. Handloom weaving is an expressive art form exerting individuality and personality of the weaver and wearer. These techniques set the beauty of Handwoven cotton sarees high. For many, cotton sarees are heirloom pieces attached closely to family lineages, the most prized possessions in your wardrobe for sentimental value. The most beautiful cotton sarees ever made showcase the diversity of India's art-forms and art scholarship, with each region boasting its own color palettes, motifs, stories and traditions associated with the weaving of handmade cotton sarees. From the maximalist Ikat of Odisha to the delicate Jamdani of Bengal, to the minimalism of Chanderi, each regional style of handcrafted cotton saree weaving bears its unique style and has something for everyone. cotton sarees are traditionally made using eco-friendly practices such as the use of natural dyes in the making of organic cotton sarees, a practice we wholeheartedly embrace and espouse at Priyanka Raajiv. When you buy handloom cotton sarees online in India, from us you welcome a kaleidoscope of styles, patterns and traditions into your wardrobe. Buying cotton sarees online in India, you invite a timeless tradition into your wardrobe that can seamlessly transition from day to evening and formal to casual occasions. Come make a fashion statement and contribute towards rich artist livelihoods and ethical production standards.

Authentic Organic Cotton Saree

The authentic organic cotton saree is a testament to good art and a commitment to ethical and sustainable production practices. Those looking for a fashion statement that combines beauty, tradition and positivity will find these qualities with every weave and drape of an authentic organic cotton saree. The authentic organic cotton saree is woven from cotton grown through organic farming and eco-certified for best practices. This cotton is grown without chemical fertilizers and embodies everything that's good, natural and beautiful about our planet. An authentic organic cotton saree is not just one of the most beautiful cotton sarees you can find but also promotes the well-being of farmers and weavers who spend long hours working cotton textile. When you buy authentic organic cotton sarees, you buy the most pure cotton sarees online. These cotton sarees are woven using chemical-free processes, incorporating natural plant-based dyes or non-toxic alternatives to create a brilliant kaleidoscope of colors, easily absorbed by organic cotton. Buy organic cotton sarees online from us, for the softest, gentlest fabric and feel that is not harsh on your skin.

Characteristics of the Cotton Saree Textile

Cotton sarees are comfort, versatility and timelessness personified. They carry a distinct appeal in the world of fashion for their function and universality and the ease with which they can be styled. Depending on the fabric count, cotton sarees can vary from thicker cotton weaves such as the khadi blend or cotton silk saree, which are perfect for winter and special occasions, and the airier blends found in fabrics such as cotton mul, favorable for hot summer days and everyday wear. Regardless of the yarn count, the standout characteristic of cotton sarees is their breathability. The breathability of your cotton saree collection will ensure you stay cool and at ease through the day. Cotton sarees are also known for their soft and gentle feel and easiness to drape, making them beginner-friendly. If this is the first time you buy handloom cotton sarees online in India, you can be assured of making the right choice when buying a beautiful cotton saree from us. Cotton sarees are also extremely durable due to their handspun quality. The natural strength of the cotton fiber ensures that your Handcrafted cotton sarees withstand repeated use and that your cotton saree collection remains a sustainable wardrobe staple. The absorbent nature of cotton also means that the cotton saree lends itself to endless design possibilities. Whether you buy cotton sarees online in India or choose to upcycle your cotton saree collection, each cotton saree, organic cotton saree and cotton silk saree offers many design options, including plain weaves, jacquard and ikat, to name a few. Whenever you decide to build your cotton saree collection and buy cotton sarees from us, we make sure you only get the most pure cotton sarees and that your wardrobe contains the most versatile essentials for comfortable, beautiful everyday wear.

How to Style a Handloom Cotton Saree

The cotton saree is perfect for everyday wear. While cotton sarees are known for their breathable, delicate quality, cotton sarees and cotton silk sarees are also extremely versatile. Depending on the occasion, you might want to style a handloom cotton saree, a cotton silk saree or an organic cotton saree. Regardless, once you buy cotton sarees online from us, we can show you how they'll win hearts.

Style a Cotton Saree for a Business Luncheon

Pair a Handmade cotton saree with a belt and a puffed sleeve blouse or a formal shirt and formal boots. This polished look is both convenient, comfortable and stylish. Alternatively, you can restyle the look by replacing the belt with a sequined jacket for a business party or celebration. For a day look, style your handmade cotton saree with a white blouse or neutrals to give the ensemble a color pop effect and to show off the intricate artwork on your handcrafted cotton saree.

Style a Handloom Cotton Saree to a Special Soiree

A handloom cotton saree isn't restricted to daywear only. You can show off your beautiful cotton saree at a cultural event or take it out to grace an evening soiree. Depending on the weave, you can pair your handwoven cotton saree many different ways for a statement look. Consider styling an ikat weave handloom cotton saree with a striped chanderi jacket or blouse for a brilliant clash of patterns. Finish off the look with a sophisticated touch of dazzling mirror work juttis and accessories. For a winter soiree, consider pairing a cotton silk saree with a velvet angarakha blouse and heels.

Style a Handloom Cotton Saree to a Party

A handloom cotton saree is the perfect party wear for all ages. Younger customers may like to pair a dabu printed indigo handmade cotton saree with a denim jacket or a crochet shrug and shades for a beachside or poolside party. Older customers can pair a handmade cotton saree with a halter neck top and dramatic gladiators or heels for an accentuated yet laid-back party fit. Party time is also a good time to bring out your cotton saree collection, particularly occasion wear favourites such as your cotton silk sarees. Pair a cotton silk saree with a sequin tube top for an extra glam look.

Style a handwoven Cotton Saree for an Everyday Look

Your cotton saree collection can be styled many different ways for everyday wear. Consider playing with colors and prints. A monochrome look featuring a white handcrafted cotton saree with a minimal border paired with a white shirt, beige ballerinas and tote bag pulls off an effortless, everyday look. A black handloom cotton saree paired with a contrasting brown cotton silk saree blouse and white heels makes the impression of formal boardroom colors interpreted for Indian wear. The possibilities for print play are also endless as you combine striped cotton sarees with checked cotton saree blouses. Your cotton saree collection promises to offer endless styling possibilities and lots of fun.

Don't be afraid to experiment and explore with your everyday wardrobe. Try different saree drapes that work well for handloom cotton sarees, cotton silk sarees and organic cotton sarees for a unique and fashion-forward appearance. Pair your handloom cotton sarees with a sleeveless blouse or a crop top to maintain the modern aesthetic.

When you buy handloom cotton sarees online in India, you want to make sure you have access to the most pure cotton sarees online in India. Thankfully, when you buy cotton sarees from us, you're assured of the purest cotton sarees. Designer Priyanka Raajiv works closely with master weavers from across India. Together, we breathe magic and light into an art form that is timeless, pure and pristine. At Priyanka Raajiv, you're assured of the best of a designer handloom cotton saree online and luxury saree online. You can buy sustainable sarees online in India and handloom sarees online in India only at Priyanka Raajiv.

Care Guide for Handloom Cotton Sarees

Delicate fabrics require delicate care, so we advise dry cleaning cotton silk sarees and drying it in the shade. Some best practices to maintain the quality of your handwoven cotton sarees and add to the sustainability of your wardrobe are presented below.

Neem Leaves Care for your handmade Cotton Saree

When dried neem leaves are placed between folds of cotton sarees and your cotton saree collections, the antibacterial properties of neem leaves can help prevent insect infestations.

Cloves in Mul Fabric to Care for your handwoven Cotton Saree

When a few cloves are placed in a piece of mul fabric, they act as a natural moth repellent, ensuring your cotton saree is safe from moth holes.

Cedarwood Blocks Care for your handmade Cotton Saree

When cedarwood blocks are placed inside the storage area where you have stored your cotton saree collections, they keep insects away from the fabric.

Acid-Free Tissue Paper Care for your Handloom Cotton Saree

Place acid-free tissue paper between your cotton sarees or within your cotton saree collection to prevent color transfer and ensure longevity.

Cool, Dark Storage Care for your Handloom Cotton Saree

The longevity of cotton sarees, cotton silk sarees and handcrafted cotton sarees is maintained if you store them in a cool, dark place. This shields them from the light and protects them from fading.

Avoid Plastic to Care for your Handloom Cotton Saree

Plastic covers trap moisture making them the least favorable storage option for your cotton saree collections. Instead, store them in a breathable fabric or cotton saree bags.

Regular Airing to Care for your handcrafted Cotton Saree

Make sure to air your cotton sarees and cotton silk sarees every once in a while to prevent mold or mustiness

Mild Cleaning Care for your Cotton Sarees and Cotton Silk Sarees

Dry clean all cotton silk sarees.

Herbal Sachets to Care for your handmade Cotton Saree

Herbal sachets with dried lavender or rose petals can also keep away pests from your cotton saree collection.

Rotate Storage to Care for your Handloom Cotton Saree

Rearranging your cotton sarees and cotton silk sarees in your wardrobe periodically prevents creases from forming and prevents the fabric from deteriorating.

Occasion Guide for Handloom Cotton Sarees

handcrafted cotton sarees are breathable and a delight to wear everyday. When you buy cotton sarees online in India from us, you're investing in apparel that is comfortable, easy to style and sustainable. Here are some occasions our handmade cotton sarees can be worn too among many!

Cotton Sarees for Weddings and Receptions:

A cotton-silk saree is our favourite choice to attend weddings. We like pairing a chanderi cotton-silk saree in brighter hues for the mehendi and reception and delicate hues for the wedding ceremony (or as per the color code on you invite). Pair with a cotton-silk or velvet blouse for a winter wedding or a crochet or lace blouse for a destination wedding.

Cotton Sarees for Festivals:

We'd choose an airy cotton-silk blend saree or a cotton saree with delicious ajrakh print to a winter festival, or traditional mirror-work to a summer festival. Traditional chaandbali and jhumkas are all you need to finish up your look.

Cotton Sarees for Temple Visits:

Choose neutral tones for a temple visit in a cotton silk saree with minimalist zari work paired with a simple monochrome cotton. Diamond earrings take the look up a notch for a simple yet devotional outfit.

Cotton Sarees for Small Pujas and Religious Ceremonies:

At home pujas and intimate ceremonies deserve the decadence of larger events. We prefer bringing out heirloom favorites - a gorgeous jewel-toned saree paired with your grandmother's handpicked jewelry.

Cotton Sarees for Family Functions and Gatherings:

An informal family gathering calls for a sweetheart single-tone saree that best expresses your personality. Pair with a statement blouse piece and accessories for a polished look.

Cotton Sarees for Cultural Events and Performances:

A cotton silk saree in bold colors with a dramatic palla is sure to turn heads at a public event! To make sure your palla does all the talking, pair with minimal accessories.

Cotton Sarees for Casual Day Outings:

Innovation is key for a casual day out with friends! The saree is a versatile garment and deserves to shine. We like innovating by pairing our handloom cotton favorites with a peplum or tank top and sneakers.

Cotton Sarees for Office or Formal Gatherings:

Your good old office shirt gets a makeover when paired with your favorite handloom cotton saree! Pair with a dainty pendant or earrings for a put-together, professional appearance.

Cotton Sarees for Special Celebrations at Home:

Feel free to experiment by pairing your handloom cotton saree with a bold and daring blouse of your choice such as a halter top or bandeau top for a carefree and laidback at-home event.

Cotton Sarees for Evening Social Events:

Depending on the weather, pair a handloom cotton saree with a contrasting cotton saree blouse or velvet or cotton silk blouse of your choice for a dramatic look.

Season Guide for Cotton Sarees

Cotton Sarees In Winters:

Layer Away:

The beauty of a cotton saree collection is its versatility, as you will find that cotton sarees layer beautifully over cotton silk, turtleneck and velvet blouses.

Woolen Shawl or Stole:

Drape a woolen shawl over your handloom cotton saree to create a depth of textures while staying warm.


Pair a denim jacket, bomber jacket or overcoat with your cotton saree for a modern and chic winter look.

Accessorize to Add Warmth:

Gold and jewel-toned accessories lend warmth to an outfit. Handloom cotton sarees drape well over boots. Experiment with cotton saree draping styles to show off your winter boots, stockings and other winter wear accessories.

Cotton Sarees In Summer:

Layer Smart:

A lace petticoat makes sure your ensemble remains breathable while offering just the right amount of peekaboo and quirk to your summer outfit on hot and humid days.

Color Play:

Choose cotton sarees in pastels for a delicious summer fit.

Draping Drama:

Enjoy various saree draping styles with your handloom cotton saree that are perfect for the summer time, including several above ankle and knee-length drapes.

Accessorize Right:

Accessorizing for the summer is everything when creating that breezy summer look. Choose mirror-work and sequins to add a splash to your summertime ensemble.

Buy pure cotton sarees online from us to be assured of quality, authenticity and purity coupled with thoughtful and intuitive design. If you'd like assistance when exploring our cotton saree range and start shopping, feel free to contact us. If you're looking to explore the beauty of sarees online, look no further than our mesmerizing collection of handloom sarees online including:

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