Adyanta SS 2023

Our latest collection is a celebration of the beauty of new beginnings, inspired by the cyclical rhythm of the natural world and the Hindu philosophy of spiritual connectivity. Warm tones and one-of-a-kind upcycled pieces reflect our commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion practices. Each garment is designed to showcase the boundless potential of self-expression and individuality, encouraging wearers to connect with their inner selves and embrace the timeless beauty of the natural world. Join us on this journey towards the infinite promise of new beginnings and the radiant energy of positivity.

Adyanta, a sustainable fashion collection, draws inspiration from the philosophy of circular design, where garments are created using textile remnants. The collection's theme of "new beginnings" is reflected through its subtle tone kurtas and vibrant dupattas. The garments are thoughtfully crafted using Jod's signature patchwork concept and designed to be comfortable and easy to wear for everyday occasions. Each garment is a statement piece made from pure fabrics like silk, cotton, crepe, and georgette. Adyantah showcases the brand's commitment to sustainable fashion and circular design, resulting in a stunning collection of lightweight and cohesive garments.

Design Process - Adyantah's fashion collection is designed with a focus on sustainability and elegance. The design process begins with careful selection of fabrics in beige, gold, ivory, and vibrant shades of pink, green, and blue, which complement each other and are perfect for summer wear. The Jod concept of creating beautifully crafted patchwork pieces from textile remnants is then incorporated into the design process, resulting in classic and chic silhouettes perfect for slightly formal occasions. Each garment is fully embellished with gota work, kiran work, and hand embroidery, with kundan work added to the kurtas for enhanced elegance. The collection is a stunning showcase of lightweight and breathable garments that reflect the brand's design philosophy of sustainability and elegance.