The sky is aglow in a breath of coral as our bornfires burn high. It is that time of year when we set flame to things that don’t grow us and let dreams renew.A festive crowd of garments gathers, welcoming faiths, goals and desires into their folds. They rustle, they murmur, its time to play , its a riotous spring day. As they stand around the bonfire, an incantation grow slowly in rhythmic beat as each garment makes a little wish true to her hue.

Jamuni(violet) – sees herself tiptoeing into the cool, salty waters of a forbidden lake,giggling and splashing
Neel(indigo) – sings a ballad and raises herself to crescendo
Neela(blue) – resorts to sky-gazing and goal-setting
Hara(green) – makes plans to plant seeds of self-care and bask in more practice of shinrin-yoku
Suvarna(yellow) – yodels as she imagines an adventure and the two set sail together
Narangi(orange) – oscillates to a new groove and vows never to miss a beat at the party
Laal(red) – promises to raise into the ruby-stained horizon not afraid of taking on risk
While the Colors help life dream,shaam and kora stand close by taking note
Shaam(midnight) makes a note to stay in the present
Kora(ivory) swears to virtues of casting each day in a new light, treating every moment as precious and unique Which hue are you?
This Spring, make yourself a promise – let it be a happy promise