KHOJ WF - 2021

Years and years of immaculate brilliance. The quest towards creating more unique tales of the loom. Each creation, unveiling a new story delicately crafted by the skilled weavers and embroiders. A country filled with richness of the textile craft and a graceful legacy. But who up holds it?

For centuries our sense of aesthetics has been grounded by an idea of elegance guided by the richness of our land, the intricacies of flora and fauna, and the strength of the people tirelessly preserving its legacy.

With the Festive Winter collection Khoj, we highlight the legacy these artisans celebrate, bringing their work together with our own ideals of restoration.

After all this time, these weavers, embroiders and craftsmen of this colourful country, continue to explore the richness of the textile craft, finding new avenues with the ancient practices of the art form. Linking it to the world today they immerse, all of us, in a beautiful journey of discovery.

In this collection, we have tirelessly collected remnants of heritage fabrics and embroideries, piecing it together, creating a new story out of every garment. Be it chikankari, brocades, satins, silks or prints, every piece of fabric was hand-picked and then hand-embroidered with zardozi, allowing the piece to be as royal and rich, as the illustrious heritage of this country.

Khoj, is an ode, to all the artisans who, like us, spend their lives on a quest of restoring heritage silks. A plethora of textiles, weaves, motifs. As these myriad traditions find each other, they weave a new tale, a new symbol of heritage.

So, indulge in the untold stories of handloom and timeless classics in an array of alluring hues and exquisite designs. Come with us into this journey through the relic of a bygone craft’s revival, and weave in your classic elegance to continue this legacy.