Iraada | Our Vision

We are a creative studio house specializing in making luxury garments guided by intuition. Intuition is deep listening, deeper knowledge and an intense desire (Hindi: iraada) to transmute this knowledge into innovative art. At the heart of this attentive practice is our Iraada box (a desire box), where we commit to saving up post-production textile remnants for use in future collections.

Our repertoire features heritage Indian weaves and natural fabric such as khadi, chanderi, Banarasi brocades, mul, organic cotton, silk-cotton and silk. Textile craft takes centre stage as we pay attention to their textures and look for unique ways to tell their stories through garment construction, embroidery, appliquéing, stitching, patchwork and embellishment. Construction techniques combine traditional artisanal vocabulary with innovative design methods, utilizing Indian embroideries such as zardozi and chikankari. Every collection of garments navigates the rich past of India's textile heritage with a vision for a global future, of tradition with the new, the known and the unknown, our present with the dreamscape of possibilities.

Our desire is to give back to the planet more than we take from it. In the studio's design love language, this translates to garments made from a magical assortment of textiles that fall together like puzzle pieces, undoing and remaking the very concept of contradiction, of the impossible, of the desirable.

Each piece is an invitation to make meaning of the past, present and future with limitless possibilities.