Rooh | The Designer

At the heart and soul (Hindi: rooh) of the studio and the driving force behind the vision and processes finding innovation here, is Priyanka Raajiv, founder of her eponymous design label.

Priyanka's desire to work with Indian textiles and handicrafts and to use these mediums to express a new aesthetic was a soul calling. Her desire to seek beauty in every day establishes itself in the practice of strength and sustainability and a metaphysical relationship with the art itself. The relationship translates into her commitment to circular design, a zero-waste philosophy, and versatile pieces of clothing that embody introspective beauty, compassion and sustainability.

Her aesthetic approaches the cosmic and the grand in the detailing and the particular and the theatrical in the silent punctuations of colour and texture. Boundaries are meant for blurring in her portfolio that is a continuing study of the classical in the modern.

Amongst those impacted by Priyanka's designs include eminent women such as Angelina Jolie, for whom she designed a set piece for "A Mighty Heart" (2007). Femina Miss India (2009), Pooja Chopra's wardrobes for both Miss India and Miss World pageants were also designed by her. Her work has spoken for young girls across India in supporting education for all through a collection of garments using Indian handloom techniques showcased at the New York Fashion Week (2016).

Priyanka is an alumnus of the Lady Irwin College where she graduated with an M.Sc in Textile and Clothing. She was featured in Pune's Most Powerful (2016-17) for her contributions to the industry.

Proceeds from our label's work go towards the support of sustainability initiatives in India that are close to Priyanka's heart. Maher, a non-governmental organization supporting destitute women and children is a prime beneficiary.