BAHAAR SS - 2022

The many-hued wonders of spring, reflects on the fresh rays of summer. Adding to the grandeur that the vibrance of the spring summer blooms brings with it, the colours, the scents and the unforgettable energy of it all. The king of seasons, the Rituraj Spring, is here to wash over all of us.

Inspired by the blooms of the spring summer season, Bahaar is an ode to the nature’s most precious season and everything it bestows over us. Named after the classic flowers that enrich our gardens with evermore glory, the handpicked pieces from the collection Bahaar, are emersed in a rich amalgamation of tradition and luxury. From the gilded gold hues of reimagined charm, to the creation of one-of-a-kind fabric, Bahaar is filled with untold stories.

With circular design and zero waste at the forefront of our brand philosophy each piece fromthe collection has been made patch by patch, stitch by stitch ensuring we do our bit to breathe an everlasting life to pieces that would otherwise not see the day of light.

Usher in the blooms of spring summer 22 with pieces reimagined from the past. This Spring, let your wardrobe glow with the vibrance of Bahaar.