What is Sustainable Fashion & Why Sustainable Clothing is Important?

What is Sustainable Fashion?

What is sustainable fashion and why is it important?

Sustainable Fashion. Putting together an idea that can be carried, worn, sewn, adored and kept in the closet for decades seems like a dream every designer has had at least once in their life. Sustainable Fashion is not just the practice of crafting clothes while caring for the environment; it is an idea, a seed, a choice, a difference that can be made for the workers, environment, and people. It is a choice most designers should make against fast fashion.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable and ethical fashion is a practice or more like an approach towards sourcing, designing and manufacturing clothes while minimizing its impact on the environment.

The major outlook on which sustainable fashion is caring for the environment while
producing fashionable clothes.

Sustainable fashion does more than care for the environment. It also makes sure the workers get good compensation, their working environments are safe, and the impact of producing such fashion is not heavy for every living being.

What Makes Clothes Sustainable?

Creating clothes from eco-friendly fabrics, making them 100% safe for the environment, making them last for decades makes clothes truly sustainable.

In today’s world, where most people look out for fast fashion, where the clothes are
much easier to discard after a few uses, this practice impacts the quality and contributes to the existing landfill.

When looking for sustainable clothes, you must be sure to understand what makes them truly sustainable. Below are a few things to look at in a garment that makes it

● High-quality construction
● Made from natural fabrics
● Natural dyes
● A fair price

These are the basic definition of sustainable fashion, where nothing is overpriced, no usage of synthetic fibres and dyes are encouraged, and the quality is such that it can last decades easily.

Why is Sustainable Fashion so important?

Fast fashion has been damaging the earth for decades already, yet people don’t want to quit it. We all know the Rana Plaza Bangladesh incident, where around 1200 workers collapsed with the building. Everyone knew about the cracks in the building but, who cares?

This incident is just a popular example of why the world needs slow fashion or
sustainability. There might be shocking examples undiscovered, but again, who cares? Did you know, around 8000 chemicals are required to convert raw materials into fabrics? That’s a big number!

This is the reason we need sustainable fashion. Not just to reduce the environmental damage, there are other reasons as to why designers should practice sustainability.

Let’s explore some more reasons.

Sustainable Fashion -

● Lasts for generations
● Encourages the use of locally produced materials
● Reduces fast fashion’s growing waste
● Produces environment-friendly products

Six Reasons Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

1. It Is Better for the Planet

While fashion is a vibrant, inspiring and colourful industry, it does produce a lot of
waste. Did you know, 97% of the materials used in making clothes are fresh
resources? And only 3% of them get recycled. That’s the fashion industry
producing a lot of waste.

The sustainable fashion where materials are organically procured or mostly
recycled reduces the pollution created with each piece. Indulging in eco-friendly
materials will only win hearts among people. Being a fashionably responsible
person is what the earth and everyone needs right now. Choosing sustainability
doesn’t change the definition of fashion; it only adds a responsible approach.

2. It Is Better for Workers

We know fashion doesn’t come easy on your pocket because it isn’t easy on the
designer & pocket. The chemicals used to dye fabrics can contain a lot of toxins.
These chemicals have a significant impact on the environment and the workers.
Their health is compromised while their pay is one even 1/4th of the price you
pay. When you choose sustainable clothing, you change the dynamics for these

Not only do you choose to do good for the environment, but you are also giving these workers a safe environment to work with better payouts. So if you see a label of Fair Trade, you can smile as you’ll be the one helping these workers get higher pay than usual.

3. It Is Better for the Environment

Many fast fashion brands and designers do not care for the surroundings and are
the living and breathing reason for increased landfills and pollution. Did you
know, almost 73% of clothes end up in landfills? While you might see new
collections launching every 6 months, there are no new techniques to save the
environment from clothing dumps.

Sustainable fashion focuses on creating quality clothes that last for decades.
That’s not all; even when these clothes wear out, you can be sure they won’t
harm the environment as nature absorbs them completely. Now that recycle tag
you see in sustainable clothes holds its end of the bargain for good.

4. Natural Fabrics Are Good for the Skin

When it comes to choosing skin-friendly materials, what could be better than
organic cotton, hemp and bamboo? Not only are these clothes made from natural
organic materials, but they are also coloured using natural substances like
flowers, which makes them non-irritable for the skin.

Many brands have produced Hemp clothes that are stylish as hell and go easy
on the skin. The fabric is so breathable that it doesn’t irritate the skin, unlike synthetic materials. This means you don’t have to worry about getting itchy
rashes, bumps and scars from these clothes at all.

5. Zero or Less Textile Waste

Creating beauty within reality is the motto we so solemnly follow with the zero-
waste policy. Many designers can adapt to the same by innovating something out
of their leftover scapes. These pieces can be curated to make jackets, lehengas,
tops, dupattas, stoles, scarves and much more.

The sea of creativity is indeed deep. All you need is the curiosity to dive into it. Pledging to the idea of zero or less textile waste, one can create art and see the world draping themselves in it too.

A lot of sustainable designs are inspired by such practices. These efforts to seamlessly merge the unused fabric pieces with inspiring ideas can result in dynamic collections of organic fashion that could last generations.

6. It Is Better for Future

We all know while the fashion industry creates killer styles, it also kills animals.
The famous pure leather clothes and accessories speak the language of
carcasses with style; but, indulging in an alternative approach like green leather
(made from cactus) could be a win-win solution for all.

People have explored safe and eco-friendly options for decades, and it’s time the fashion industry tries it out too. Many brands and designers are leading the way with a sustainable approach. Making the choice today will help you in the long run or at least help your future generations enjoy what you are enjoying today.

Develop Your Own Style

Many fast fashion brands have developed their own sustainable style. Splash Fashion is one such example with a deep-rooted thought of doing something good for the earth while draping people in style.

Not just Splash fashions, various sustainable brands in India bring back the green while creating fabulous art pieces. These brands have tapped into their imaginations and creative minds to create, reinvent and restyle the fashion trends. The inspiring point to be absorbed here is, why can’t you if they can do it?

One such example is our collection Jod - where we create clothes embodying the zero- waste policy. We’ve been very cautious with our collection and have made sure every waste fabric has been reused to create a piece of clothing where people can reconnect themselves with simplicity and sustainability. Read our thoughts on Zero Waste Policy - Plethora of Patchwork!

Summing It Up

Sustainable fashion is more than just using organic materials. It is about giving workers fair trade, providing a safe and clean work environment, recycling, reducing pollution, and indulging in green fashion.

Now that you know much about sustainable fashion, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Picking up authentic and sustainable fashion doesn’t mean throwing away the oomph! Transform the fashion industry by choosing the environment over style.

Reconnect to a style that doesn’t fade with time. Are you the responsible one who follows sustainable fashion? Or are you trying to make a difference? Let’s hear your thoughts. Share your ideas with us on sustainable fashion!