Zero Waste Policy – Plethora of Patchwork

Zero Waste Policy – Plethora of Patchwork

Aspiring to Chi, or Pranayama, the meditative state of understanding oneself, we endeavour to unveil the illusion of separation, putting together seemingly unconnected pieces of fabric together in a mosaic. One of the core life philosophies is transforming dream to design and creating beauty within reality. This is what the Zero Waste concept embodies.

These carefully curated pieces, handcrafted to build a flow out of raw textile weaving bring finesse of undiluted design to our upcycled pieces, like dupattas, scarves, stoles, jackets and lehengas. With painstakingly earned expertise, the repurposed studio textile becomes intuitively structured through intricately embellished handwork.

We take pride in wearing a badge of responsible fashion, starting the ‘Zero Waste’ approach long before the trend began. From the beginning, the label, pledged to avoid waste with a conscious approach and immaculate craftsmanship that followed this school of thought. Textile experimentation merges fabric pieces seamlessly into our new ensembles and, tailormaking new looks take forward an heirloom piece through generations.

Today, 84% of clothes go into landfills. That is almost 9 clothes out of 10 for every person, retail shop, commercial malls and vendors. Only 1 piece is actually cherished. We want to create a community that doesn’t disregard such waste and understands the purpose of recycling.

Any waste fabric piece from the studio is put back in the ‘Iraada’ box to be used and integrated into a collection that encompasses thoroughly studied design sensibility. We created a collection based around this concept called Jod – to join. It symbolizes how everything, humans and nature, thread and design are tied together in an eternal circle.

The fabrics are sorted with respect to fabric kind, strength and then grouped color wise. A further regrouping is done to see the final assembly. This is turned into wardrobe pieces that become essential signature pieces.

In ancient Japan, there was a belief, Kintsugi, which says that anything broken must be put together using gold. This belief transcends the very idea of discarding anything. Our pieces are similar in essence- an amalgamation of antique brocades, chikankari, cotton, khadi, ranges of silk and other weaves.

The outfits rejuvenate your mind in with texture and exquisite drapes & folds. It turns the complexity of fabric patchwork into a singular movement.

At its core, our philosophy symbolises the metamorphosis of energy forms. From breath to texture, and cold mist to the layers of fabric, it demonstrates that what appears cast aside, is, in fact, the same thing in a different form.

It is an ever-flowing technique of passing down every handmade thing, and tailor-making new looks to take forward an heirloom piece through generations.