It is the labour of love with threads of varyings colours, textures, embellishments, the artisans and their immaculate craft who revive the magic of age-old traditional techniques and craft into modish contemporary designs.

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The Story

It is the label of love with threads of varying colors, textures. embellishments, the artisans and their immaculate craft who revive the magic of age old traditional techniques and craft into modish contemporary design.

Meet The Designer

Overcoming life’s adversities when she lost her parents at a young age, Priyanka Raajiv established her eponymous label as a means to empower handcrafts – a call that came from within her soul. She has carved a unique niche for herself in the fashion world by promoting traditional Indian craft and designs with an innate sense of aesthetic panache.

Her immaculate craftsmanship has drawn reverence and admiration from many, including Angelina Jolie, whom she designed clothes for during Jolie’s visit to India for the shooting of “The Mighty Heart”. Femina Miss India 2009 and film actress Pooja Chopra’s admiration for the label led Raajiv to design a complete wardrobe for both of Pooja’s Femina Miss India and Miss World Pageants in 2009. Priyanka Raajiv has also showcased her work at the New York Fashion Week 2016. Her line was focused on Indian handlooms, promoting the the cause of “Save the girl child, educate the girl child”’

By incorporating unique Indian ornamentation and hand woven cloth extensively into her collection, she strongly promotes the Make in India movement. Her philanthropic interests include supporting Maher, an NGO for destitute women and orphan children and Prashanti, a cancer care mission. Her relentless pursuit of sustainable fashion and her belief in the ‘Zero Waste Concept’, inspires Raajiv to recycle every single fragment of her fabric and hand embroidery by incorporating them seamlessly into new designs.

Priyanka Raajiv’s rich and colorful designs have been worn by a bevy of eminent personalities including ‘Angelina Jolie’ during her visit to India for the shooting of her movie, “A MIGHTY HEART”.

She was featured in Pune’s Most Powerful 2016-2017 for her contribution to fashion industry by Femina

Priyanka Raajiv is an alumnus of Lady Irwin College, New Delhi, with a Masters in Science of Textile and Clothing.

Design Philosophy

Priyanka Raajiv embodies Exotic Modern Indian fashion.

Her designs are a reflection of cultural amalgamation – showcasing the most unusual design details from an array of Indian and global influences with a strong focus on exhibiting Indian traditional art and craft.

The designer celebrates Indian global style using unique fabrics, textures , details and embroideries creating a fusion of traditionalism and modernity. Her designs reveal the immense possibilities of creating something new, unique and limitless that is all your own . The overall style is instinctive, simple, pure ,classic and yet trend specific, taking life and human emotions as the biggest inspiration. The design ideas range from everyday spaces to a dreamy escapes where she reinterprets the classics with innovative experimentation of Indian embroideries to create a powerful aesthetic statement across ages. The designer feels responsible that the vision of the designs should be accessible and realistic.

The harmonious co-existence of diverse global elements, unique textures, innovative color palettes and ethnic Indian craftsmanship is the hallmark of her exotic contemporary designs.