Jod | The Process


Our garments are handmade, meaning that each piece is guided by intuitive, skilled wisdom and the coming together (Hindi: jod) of artisanal hands.

The technique implemented is a zero-waste, circular design process. Heritage, heirloom and vintage fabrics form the basis of our garments with the incorporation of elaborate surface design applications. The surface design work adopts studio textile remnants, joining them together (Hindi: jod) through embroidery, patchwork, appliqueing and other techniques.

The process of garment construction brings together many hands in an act of collaboration: combining intelligent and intuitive design that looks to delight and sustain. The first step of the design process informs our inventory of textile. We incorporate the traditional wisdom and natural, organic intelligence of traditional weaving forms and techniques. Then, the design framework plays with patterning, innovative colour palettes, unique texturing and constructing aesthetics of universality, individuality and mystique. Finally, the insight of artisanal embroiderers and craftspersons repurposes fabric and design to bring each vision to life.

Our collaborative process is our way into the unique, kaleidoscopic mysteries and rich beauty of the world. A beauty that inspires each piece born here at our studio.

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