Trending Bridal Blouse Designs in 2024

Trending Bridal Blouse Designs in 2024

Introduction Bridal Blouse Designs

Congratulations bride-to-be as your wedding date is finalised. Deciding upon the blouse design for various wedding outfits is exciting yet stressful. We have taken the opportunity to reduce your stress by listing down the trending bridal blouse designs in 2024. 

Moreover, we help you make wise decisions by sharing the neckline trends in 2024 bridal blouses, how to style a bridal blouse, and how to select the perfect bridal blouse. And finally, we also, share the best online store to buy a bridal blouse. 

Top Trending Bridal Blouse Designs in 2024

Do you know what will make or break your wedding outfits? Yes, you guess it right. It’s a bridal blouse design. 

Check out the top trending bridal blouse designs in 2024. Each bridal blouse design is Insta-worthy. 

1. Patchwork Upcycled Wedding Blouse for Sustainable Lehenga:

Patchwork Upcycled Wedding Blouse for Sustainable Lehenga

In 2024 the wave of sustainable fashion has gained momentum. Many celebrities like Alia Bhatt, and Suhana Khan to name a few have been seen supporting and promoting sustainable fashion in their ways.  If you’re a Sustainable Bride who is looking for a blouse design for her upcycled silk lehenga, then opt for the blouse with patchwork on the back. To add a little volume to your outfit, add a little puffed sleeves. 

2. Floral Print Blouse Design:

Floral Print Blouse Design

Are you looking for a trending blouse design to pair with Phulkari lehenga for your sangeet function? Then go for the floral-inspired blouse style with the three-fourth sleeves to match the happy and lively vibes of the sangeet ceremony.

3. Cold Shoulder Bridal Blouse Design:

Cold Shoulder Bridal Blouse Design

Shout out to all South Indian brides to pair the Kanjeevarams saree with the cold shoulder to add a touch of modernity to traditions. To highlight the cold shoulder, opt for the embroidery around it. 

4. Off-Shoulder Trending Bridal Blouse Design:

Off-Shoulder Trending Bridal Blouse Design

Create a gorgeous yet traditional look!

5. Ruffle Sleeves Bridal Blouse Design:

Ruffle Sleeves Bridal Blouse Design

Opt for the ruffle sleeves blouse design for your engagement lehenga to create an elegant and charming look. 

6. Puff Sleeves Bridal Blouse Design:

Puff Sleeves Bridal Blouse Design

Who says you can’t pair a puffy-sleeved blouse design with a wedding lehenga? The puffy sleeves and intricate beadwork on the bust create a charming and elegant look.

Style Tip: If you have broad shoulders, then puff sleeves are a big NO!

7. High Neck Bridal Blouse with Sheer Details:

High Neck Bridal Blouse with Sheer Details

Exude sophistication and charisma by picking the high-neck bridal blouse style for your Chanderi lehenga.

8. Bow Style Bridal Blouse Design:

Bow Style Bridal Blouse Design

Bow blouses are a trend that you don’t want to miss.

Be a bride of today with the bow-style bridal blouse for a mehendi function. You can go for the bow at the back or in the front. 

9. Perfect Combination of Shimmer & Tassels for Bridal Blouse:

Perfect Combination of Shimmer & Tassels for Bridal Blouse

One of the trending insta-worthy bridal blouse designs for pre-wedding functions. The shimmer adds a touch of charm to your outfit and the tiny tassels on the sleeves work as the striking feature. 

10. Inverted V Shaped Hemmed Bridal Blouse Design:

Inverted V Shaped Hemmed Bridal Blouse Design

Set the trend with the stylish and comfortable inverted V-shaped hem bridal blouse design.

11. Sleeveless Bridal Blouse Design:

Sleeveless Bridal Blouse Design

Some bridal blouse designs stay forever. This one is for sure.

Style Tip: Avoid a sleeveless bridal blouse if you have heavy arms.

12. Cape Sleeves Bridal Blouse Design:

Cape Sleeves Bridal Blouse Design

Be a diva of your beach wedding with the cape sleeves bridal blouse design for bridal lehenga. 

13. Pearl Bridal Blouse Design:

Pearl Bridal Blouse Design

If you have been admiring Kiara Advani’s wedding photo, then you can’t miss the blouse design of her mehendi function. The pearl-encrusted bridal blouse is a gorgeous pick for the pre-wedding function. 

14. Front Criss Cross Design with a waist belt:

Front Criss Cross Design with a waist belt

Are you looking for a unique blouse design for your red bridal lehenga? This is for you. The crisscross design with a waist belt gives a contemporary look. 

15. Sheer Sleeves with Embellishments:

Sheer Sleeves with Embellishments

Take your cotton bridal saree to the next level with the embellished sheer sleeves bridal blouse design.

Style Tip: If you have a small bust, then go with the embellishment and embroidery work on the bust to add a curve to your figure. 

16. Printed Sleeves Bridal Blouse Design:

Printed Sleeves Bridal Blouse Design

Bring together the authentic look and modernity with the printed sleeves bridal blouse design for the sangeet function. The prints in contrasting colours go well with the vibrant sangeet vibe.

17. Back Less Blouse Design:

Back Less Blouse Design

This evergreen bridal blouse design is perfect for bridal sarees. Add latkans and doris to elevate your bridal look.

18. Circular Open Back Blouse Design:

Circular Open Back Blouse Design

This is a not-to-miss back blouse design for the 2024 wedding season. Go for the embellishment around the circular opening at the back for a stunning and elegant look.

19. Wrap Bridal Blouse Design:

Wrap Bridal Blouse Design

Wrap blouses are trending for a while as they exude grace and sophistication.

Style Tip: Accessorise the wrap bridal blouse with a choker or statement jewellery to create a WOW look.

20. Boat Neck Blouse Design:

Boat Neck Blouse Design

Elegant. Timeless. Glamorous.

Neckline Trends in 2024 Bridal Blouses

2024 is all about making a statement. So brides-to-be get ready to explore the top 3 neckline trends in 2024 bridal blouses.

1. Deep V Neckline:

Deep V Neckline

Adorned by Katrina Kaif at her wedding, the deep V neckline makes a bold statement. 

Here are the 5 bridal blouse designs in deep V neckline.

  • Three Fourth Sleeves Bridal Blouse with Embroidery Work
    Turn your Banarasi silk saree into a stunning masterpiece with a V-neckline blouse with three-fourth sleeves. The embroidery work on the sleeves adds a grand touch to the overall look.

  • V Neckline Blouse with Bell Sleeves
    V neckline featuring the bell sleeves will never fail to create a classy yet modern look. It goes well with a bridal saree and designer lehenga.
  • V Neckline Blouse with Cutwork
    Perfect for the modern bride. The cutwork complimenting the V neckline creates a refreshing sangeet look.

  • V Neckline Embellished with Lace
    Add dimension to your V-neckline bridal blouse with the lace work.

  • Off-Shoulder V Neckline Bridal Blouse
    Rock your reception with the off-shoulder bridal blouse style. The classic style of the V neckline perfectly compliments the comfort of the off-shoulder style. 

2. Halter Neckline:

Halter Neckline

Halter necklines have been embraced by Bollywood celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Deepika Padukone, and Bhumi Pednekar to name a few. 

Have a look at the 5 best halter neckline blouse designs for the 2024 wedding season.

  • Mirror work Halter Neckline Bridal Blouse Design
    Step into royalty with this blouse design. The mirror work gives a refreshing look.

  • Backless Halter Neckline Bridal Blouse Design
    This stylish blouse design features a bow tie on the back. This blouse design takes your saree look to the next level at the sangeet function.

  • Zari Work Halter Neckline Blouse
    The moment you enter your reception venue, you will be the center of attraction for your stylish and classy zari embroidered halter neck blouse.

  • Cutout Halter Neckline Blouse
    The cutout at the front adds oomph to your mehendi look.

  • Collar Blouse with Halter Neckline
    Jahnavi Kapoor made an appearance in a collar blouse with a halter neckline for the promotion of Mr. & Mrs. Mahi. This blouse style is perfect for the sangeet function. 

Style Tip: The Halter neckline is perfect for tall brides-to-be as it compliments their height.

3. Sweetheart Neckline:

Sweetheart Neckline

The 2024 trends are incomplete without the evergreen sweetheart neckline. 

Dive into the 5 trendy blouse designs.

  • Jacket Style Blouse with Sweetheart Neckline
    Give a modern twist to your bridal look in a jacket-style blouse with a sweetheart neckline. Create an Indo-Western look with this style.

  • Three Fourth Sleeves Blouse with Sweetheart Neckline
    Flaunt your beautiful sustainable saree in a three-fourth sleeves blouse with a sweetheart neckline. This style certainly deserves a 10/10 for being graceful.

  • Sleeveless Blouse with Sweetheart Neckline
    Pair your beautiful bridal silk saree with a sleeveless silk blouse to create a timeless look.

  • Sweetheart Neckline with Straps Blouse
    Go bold, go stylish at your cocktail party with the classy strappy sweetheart neckline blouse.

  • Embellished Sweetheart Neckline Bridal Blouse
    Create a stunning look at your wedding with the fully embellished blouse with a sweetheart neckline. The detailed work adds lots of charm and exudes feminism.

How to Style a Bridal Blouse?

Once you have finalised the bridal blouse design for different wedding functions, now is a time to add the X factor to your look by styling a bridal blouse. 

Continue reading to learn about the different ways of styling a bridal blouse.

- Style a Bridal Blouse with Dramatic Veils
Parineeti Chopra’s veil embroidered with the first name of her husband, Raghav Chadha, made the headlines for the obvious reason. It had the warmth of love and purity of belongingness. Create a visually appealing look by giving a personal touch to the veil with a simple message on it.

Who says, you can’t pair a veil with a bridal saree? Create a classic combination by pairing the neutral colour veil with your saree. The intricate embroidery on it will exude elegance and timeless charm.

Style Tip: If you’re wearing heavy lehenga at your wedding, then choose the net fabric or the organza fabric veil with minimal embroidery.

- Choose Suitable Jewellery
Every bride wants to look the best without undergoing or overdoing anything. Your jewellery selection plays an important role in making or breaking your bridal look.

Are you wearing a saree for the mehandi function? Create a dramatic look by trying a waist belt. Make sure it coordinates with your saree and blouse.

On the wedding day, pair your heavy lehenga with light jewellery like a choker, maang tikka, or haar. Let your wedding lehenga take centre stage.

How to select the perfect bridal blouse?

A bridal blouse is a reflection of your personality and taste. We understand that finding the perfect bridal blouse is a daunting task. But no more!

Dive into the tips for how to select the perfect bridal blouse.

- Understand your Body Type
A bridal blouse neckline is directly related to the body type. The right blouse style will flatter your body like never before.

  • Tall Body Type: A halter neck blouse works best 
  • Petite Body Type: Rectangular neckline blouse styles will accentuate your body
  • Heavy Bust Body Type: Boat neck and V-neck bridal cotton blouse designs will not make your burst look heavier.
  • Small Bust Body Type: Go for the drape blouse designs.

- Coordinate Bridal Blouse Patterns and Colours with Saree
The bridal blouse design adds an aesthetic appeal to the look. Thus, make sure that your bridal blouse compliments your bridal saree or lehenga. 

Style Tip: Pair a plain blouse with a vibrant silk saree to elevate your overall look. 

- Fabric and Embroidery
To create a luxurious bridal look, choose a premium fabric lehenga or saree. Opt for the embroidery and detailing that enhances the overall appeal of the blouse. 

- Sleeve Length
Just like the neckline, your sleeve length plays an important role in shaping your bridal look. 

  • If you have heavy arms, the three-fourth and full-sleeve bridal blouse are the best choices. 
  • If you have thinner arms, opt for the full-sleeve length blouse with intricate embroidery on it.
  • Brides with broad shoulders should opt for halter neck blouses to make their shoulders look narrower. 

- Comfort
Want to enjoy your wedding functions? Prioritise comfort. Make sure you have undergone the fittings of your outfit to ensure they compliment your body shape.

Where to buy a bridal blouse?

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Conclusion: Trending Bridal Blouse Designs in 2024

Priyanka Raajiv offers you an exclusive collection of trending bridal blouse designs in 2024. You can pair the bridal blouse with sarees and lehenga for pre-wedding ceremonies and wedding functions. 

As a 2024 bride-to-be, you want to look your best. The key to a charming, elegant, and timeless look is your bridal blouse design. From the bow style to crisscross to backless, our list of trending bridal blouse designs in 2024 has something for every bride. 

Bookmark this article on trending bridal blouse styles to make your wedding shopping hassle-free.