13+ Best Back Designs for Saree Blouses to Try in 2024

Popular saree blouse back designs

Introduction to Blouse Back Designs 

When it comes to sarees, every detail and element of it can be tailored to express your personal style. While a lot more attention is paid to the saree, true fashionistas understand the significance and importance of the design of the saree blouse.

The back of the blouse adds intrigue, sophistication and personality to the overall look of the saree based on the occasion and your personal style. In this blog, we will explore 13+ best back designs for saree blouses you can try in 2024, suitable for formal to casual occasions. 

For special occasions, blouses made of silk and brocade fabrics add glamour and sophistication to the look. The smooth texture and sheen of silk fabric and intricately woven fabrics such as brocade create an elevated look.

These luxurious fabrics when designed into blouses with embroidery, cut outs create a unique and unforgettable look. Read on to explore 13+ unique blouse back designs created exclusively in regal silk and stunning brocade fabrics. 

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Blouse Back Design 

When choosing the perfect saree blouse back design for your next event or occasion, keep these points in mind to help you not only choose the most suitable back design for blouse but also express your personal style in the best way.

1. Occasion:

The event you will be attending has the most influence on your choice of saree blouse back design. Choose a sophisticated lace back blouse design or a buttoned back blouse design for a formal event.

For something casual like a mehendi event, go bold with a stunning statement design like a keyhole, cutout or backless blouse back design that will ensure all eyes are on you. 

2. Personal Style:

Your personal style plays a very big role in your choice of blouse back design. From classy to bold, timeless to modern there is a blouse back design that can suit everyone.

3. Body Type:

When it comes to saree blouses there is no fixed style for any body type. The only thing that matters is what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable in your skin. Finding the ideal saree blouse back design for you may take some trial and error but never be afraid to experiment! 

13 Popular Saree Blouse Back Designs 

Let's dive into the different styles of back designs for blouses you can try in 2024. 

1. Plain Back:

Plain Back Blouse design

Simple, subtle yet timeless. This saree blouse back design consists of a covered back. It could be a simple silk blouse with a beautiful border or a heavier brocade blouse suitable for formal events where you want to look like royalty. 

2. Keyhole Back:

Keyhole Back blouse designs 

Add a touch of elegance to the outfit with saree blouse back design that has a circular or tear-drop shaped opening at the back. 

3. Cutout Back:

Cutout Back Blouse designs

A more modern take to the Keyhole Back saree blouse back design, the cutout back has strategically placed cutouts or slashes, creating a bold fashion statement along with visual interest and intrigue. 

4. Buttoned Back:

Buttoned Back Blouse designs

A vintage-inspired blouse back design, a buttoned back blouse has a row of buttons running down the back of the blouse. This creates a sophisticated and classy look that can suit women across generations. 

5. Sheer Panel Back:

Sheer Panel Back Blouse designs

Designed with sheer fabric panels, lace or net, this blouse back design is a perfect blend of romance and femininity. 

6. Backless Blouse:

Backless Blouse Blouse designs

Make a bold statement with a backless blouse design at your next evening occasion with a blouse that has an open or partially exposed back. 

7. Illusion Back:

Illusion Back Blouse designs

Sheer or semi-transparent fabric covers the back of the blouse. This saree blouse is adorned with embroidery, beads or embellishments creating a mystery and sophistication. 

8. Embroidered Back:

Embroidered Back Blouse designs

Exquisite craftsmanship and embroidery is displayed on the back of this saree blouse design.

9. Peplum Back:

Peplum Back Blouse design

Cute and playful, choose a peplum back blouse design that defines the waist and adds volume , perfect for both formal and casual events. 

10. Cowl Back:

Cowl Back

One of the most unique saree blouse back designs, the Cowl Back features a draped fabric at the back, creating an artistic cowl neck effect. 

11. Bow Tie Back:

Bow Tie Back Blouse design


Add a feminine touch to your saree look with a beautiful bow tie back design for saree blouse that accentuates your back and creates a delicate silhouette. 

12. Asymmetrical Back:

Asymmetrical Back Blouse design

Modern contemporary, this saree blouse back design consists of an uneven or irregular design element, such as one shoulder being exposed while the other is covered. 

13. Cross back:

Cross back Blouse design

Add a sporty twist to a classic saree blouse back design with crisscross, T-shaped or Y-shaped strings or straps that tie at the back. 

How to Choose the Perfect Back Design for Saree Blouses? 

When selecting the perfect back design for saree blouse, consider the following: 

  1. Occasion you will be attending 
  2. Your personal style 
  3. Saree design and aesthetic 

When attending formal events such as cocktail parties, or black tie events, choose a blouse back design that will make you look sophisticated, and elegant yet preserving your traditional or modern aesthetic. You can choose from these blouse back designs : 

  1. Plain Back Saree Blouse Design 
  2. Lace Back Saree Blouse Design 
  3. Buttoned Back Saree Blouse Design 
  4. Embroidered Back Saree Blouse Design 
  5. Bow Back Saree Blouse Design 

For casual events, such as your friend's mehendi ceremony, your relatives baby shower, or any other day event, go for a playful chic design to flaunt your style. You can pick from these blouse designs : 

  1. Keyhole Back Saree Blouse Design
  2. Cutout Back Saree Blouse Design 
  3. Backless Saree Blouse Design 
  4. Peoplum Back Saree Blouse Design 
  5. Illusion Back Saree Blouse Design 
  6. Cross Back Saree Blouse Design 

Additionally, always choose a fit and silhouette of a silk or brocade saree blouse back design that flatters your figure, complements your style and is suitable for the event you are attending. 


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Embrace your personal style and select the perfect Saree Blouse Back Designs that adapt to your saree look and will make you a showstopper at your next formal or casual event.