Roop – A tale of transformation

Roop – A tale of transformation

At Priyanka Raajiv, we began imbibing upcycling from day one. Our brand philosophy is to give it a signature touch with intuitively structured pieces that the modern woman yearns for. Our weavers and embroiders craft intricate details to give the antiquity of each piece an artistic finesse and balance.

The essence of change is a restoration of generational heirlooms where the form changes, but the vivacity of youth remains. Roop is this simplicity in weaves and embroidery.

We endeavour to reuse the threads of old pieces in weaving a story within traditional handloom fabric. A parallel softness lies in the narrative of restoration: it is done carefully with the expert skill of artisans who have learned the craft from their ancestors.

Taking a 100-year-old Paithani saree or a 30-year-old kurta that is worn out, we embellish it to create pieces of urban figures based on the fourth R of sustainability- repurpose. A grandmother or a mother-in-law cherish the memories of each 50-year-old saree and lehenga that they have donned as a kaleidoscopic shrine of their life.

To pass this on, we personally consult with our clients having a honed knowledge of silhouettes and fabrics, using custom techniques for the restoration. This process is retaining the exclusivity of a piece while using antique zardozi, sequins and embroidery to reveal the deliberate rarity of the original fabric and embroidery.

Roop has been an essential part of the label since its conception, curated with an ecoconscious mindset, storytelling within a garment’s unrestricted flow: a tale of transformation.