PR Brand Note

PR Brand Note

Since I was a child, my inspiration lay in my mother’s sarees and I was deeply influenced by various forms of textiles while growing up.

This adoration of the Indian soul was nurtured to build into a brand where the most intricate form of art could come to life. Label Priyanka Raajiv pieces hold a niche in this perfect balance of mixed medium art- masterfully honed to create modern fashion while staying true to our grassroots.

Our team looks for the variations in each fabric, deliberately seeking intricate expressions within the weave. This brings timeless antiquity with a touch of innovation. Today, we’re reinventing this everchanging process to an online platform where clients can easily access all exclusive statement styles.

The architecture of our garments and the clear, distinctive vision we inculcate helps us in bringing ageless culture into the modern world.

I fell in love with Indian handloom when I played with sarees as a child. My mother used to keep them out to rest and draping them around me slowly became a passion. That is when I first started loving the feel of textures in embroidery and weaves.

Every piece can be styled and reused with a layered array of garments. Our zero-waste policy is imbibed within our brand philosophy, giving Label Priyanka Raajiv ensembles a soft authenticity.

Our aesthetic lies in the urban appeal of our silhouettes, keeping the traditional architecture intact but restoring a unique flow to the design. This originality underlines a Label Priyanka Raajiv piece, forming the keystone of our brand philosophy.